The SA Greenberg Lab: The Inclusion Body Myositis Research Project

Data Statistics (last updated November 2006)

Research Subjects Enrolled

  • Total number of subjects enrolled in research studies: 422
  • Number of muscle biopsies collected for research: 350
  • Number of blood samples collected for research: 72
  • Size of our Research Subjects Clinical and Pathological (RSCP) Database: 434 MB

Microarray Studies

  • Number of microarray experiments: 177
  • Number of muscle biopsy microarrays: 125
  • Number of blood sample microarrays: 53

Pathology Studies

  • Total number of pathological frozen sections cut, stained, and examined: >3,000
  • Size of Inflammatory Myopathy Pathology Image Database (IMPID): 100 GB
  • Number of high-resolution digital images in the IMPI Database: 2300

Proteomic Studies

  • Total size of Proteomic Data generated: 110 GB

Immunoglobulin Sequences

  • Total number of immunoglobulin heavy chain gene transcripts sequenced from patients with inflammatory myopathies: >3000
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