The SA Greenberg Lab: The Inclusion Body Myositis Research Project

Laser Capture Microdisection

Laser capture microdissection is an important tool we use in our research. It is a bridging tool that allows for detailed molecular analysis of tissue while maintaining a crucial link of these molecules to the location within the tissue from which they are located.

We “look” at muscle using high-throughput technologies to study thousands of genes and proteins at time. These technologies can determine the relative amounts of tens of thousands of gene products within a single tissue specimen at the same time, resulting in huge datasets that we mine using bioinformatics

Laser capture microdissection allows us to relate these newer high-throughput technologies to more standard techniques of microscopy.

Laser capture microdissection allows for the removal from tissue of small structures in a manner that preserves the important molecules we are interested (RNA and protein); we can remove tissue parts as small as 5 micron diameter. In the example below, a cluster of five B cells (CD19+) are identified (panel labeled C), and one of these cells is selectively removed by laser capture (panel labeled D). This removed cell can then be studied through other means.

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